Find which pet matches your personality

Find which pet matches your personality

Owning a pet is a fabulous and gratifying experience, a pet is a precious companion that teaches us responsibility and to care for those around us while being rewarded with unconditional love.

There’s an exceptional sense of fulfillment when you earnestly look after a pet, the sense of kinship, kindred felt with a dog, or respect from a horse? But every animal and their needs are different and so are individuals, each unique with a distinctive personality and characteristics, so how would you know which pet is best suited to your personality and lifestyle? Here are our tips on how to choose the right pet:


For adventure lovers

If you are a nature kind of person and you enjoy an active lifestyle, a horse might just be the best nature buddy you’re looking for. Horses require daily exercise which could easily match your enthusiasm for the outdoors, they’re extremely loyal and grateful to their owners, show them love and they’ll make every ride in nature an unforgettable adventure.


For busy bees 

If you have a busy schedule and are barely home but still passionate about owning a pet. Considering pets that don’t need much social contact is certainly the best option for you not to suffer the guilt of depriving your pet of its needs. Among these pets you can find, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and rabbits. They are relatively easy to look after, they just need their basic needs fulfilled; food, water, and comfortable shelter.

They’re certainly very low maintenance compared to most other pets, however, prior to bringing any new creature to your house it’s still very essential to make thorough research on their needs and preferences.


For a small living space

Living in a small apartment or a small sized-house might not be the best place for big-sized pets, bringing a large pet could eventually cramp up the house as they grow, or maybe you’re simply more fond of small pets, in both cases, we recommend you consider the following list of pets; guinea pigs, fish, birds, hamsters, chinchillas, and even reptiles.  


For a family with young children

Dogs and cats are often the parents’ first choice when deciding on bringing a pet home, they can certainly be great fun and teach your children valuable life lessons, however, your kids could have a unique taste and prefer something different, in that case, we strongly recommend guinea pigs for they are a firm favorite for children, they are social animals who appreciate human contact so much they tend to squeak in excitement when they see you. Hamsters and chinchillas on the other hand are nocturnal which means that when the kids want to play, their pets will be snoozing happily and won’t appreciate being disturbed.


Overall, bringing a pet home is a great responsibility, as they will become extremely reliant and attached to you in no time, it is why recommend being mindful of taking all the time a person needs for making such a decision, for they are to become your forever friend.