Have fun with your pets without setting foot outside

Have fun with your pets without setting foot outside

As our daily routines remained restricted in the last twelve months, we have grown more aware of the importance of scheduling indoor physical activities for every single being in the house, including our precious pets. 

Most pets need at least thirty minutes of exercise each day. However, going out might not always be an option, due to certain restrictions, busy schedules, harsh weather conditions, or when you want the kids to lead these activities safely without necessary supervision.

We are here to suggest some indoor activities for you and your furry pets, to make sure they get their regular dose of energetic fun without setting foot outside. 


Hide and Seek

The rules are the same as the ones you grew up playing with. You hide and wait for them to find you, except that pets will need extra encouragement, so grab a treat or one of your pet’s favorite toys to capture their attention, and run to your hiding spot as they watch you.

Calling their name should suffice to get a playful pet run to you. In case that proves to be inefficient, arm yourself with a bag of treats, your pet might not respond to your calls but will certainly respond to the noise of her favorite bag of treats.

To keep them invested in the game, reward them with a treat every now and then, and allow the game to last at least fifteen minutes for your pet to get all their energy out.


Laser pointer

It may be the gold standard among cat toys but it is not just for cats, if you are one of the lucky pet parents whose dog enjoys playing with the laser pointer, then use it to your advantage. Chasing out the laser beam will be such wild fun to your pet that will surely exhaust all its energy, and will not require you to move around too much.  


Dance for your birds 

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. For some fun times, play music your bird enjoys, seeing you dance and sing will certainly brighten their mood and get them moving as well. You can even have them join you by holding them gently in your hands as you sway along with the beat, they might just be the best dance partner you’ve ever had. 


Furry play dates

If your pet is an only furry child, having a furriend come over for a playdate could provide a good healthy dose of fun indoor activity. Reach out to a neighbor or a friend who is also a pet owner, schedule that playdate, and let your pets entertain each other. 


For the smaller furry pets

To keep your small animals busy while fulfilling their instincts, invite them on a scavenger hunt for their food. For rabbits and hamsters, the search is just as important as the food they find, so for their playtime, hide a little bit of food in their beds, a tiny snack beside their tunnel, and a bit more near their toys. Have your little fun finding good but accessible hiding spots, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the live hunt show. 


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