Keeping your pets hydrated, a few tricks to ensure you’re well prepared for warmer days

Keeping your pets hydrated, a few tricks to ensure you’re well prepared for warmer days

Drinking enough water is something that we are constantly reminded to be mindful of, and so should be the case when it comes to our pets. In fact, just like humans, pets’ bodies are made up of 60% water, putting them at considerable risk for dehydration and heat exhaustion. Now that we are a few weeks into spring season, the weather is getting warmer and the risk of your pet feeling dehydrated is getting higher.

Because your pets’ health is important to us, we have gathered a few key elements that will ensure your pets stay happy and healthy during warm days.


Active pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits will need much more water than sedentary pets, especially if they have extended playtime sessions and access to the outdoors. Setting up a few water bowls throughout your house and your garden will give your pet multiple opportunities to keep themselves hydrated, one thing to keep in mind is that cats are attracted to the water tension on top, so do keep your cat’s water bowl full at all times.

Location is also essential when placing your pet’s water, for rabbits and cats, putting bowls near their toilet could discourage them from drinking, so remember to keep their water away from the litter tray. Placing water bowls in areas with less animal or human movement will also give your pets a more secure perception about taking their time to drink sufficient water intake.

Some pets are drawn to running water and therefore will drink more from a fountain than they will from a bowl, so if you notice your pet rushing to drink from the tap when it’s turned on, consider purchasing a pet water fountain. 


It is safe to say that there should never be a time when your pet is deprived of having fresh water at their disposal,  if you leave for work, grocery shopping, or any other activity,  give your pet access to fresh water at all times. If your pet is tagging along, making sure to have water on you goes without saying.


In their natural habitat, animals usually get a significant amount of water from their food, whether they’re carnivores or herbivores, so opting for a diet that consists of dry food only might not be the healthiest option for your pet. Try incorporating wet food, and fresh boiled meat if possible; even adding water to dry food could work on some pets, but not all, since water makes that strong appetizing scent fade away.


Water bowls, just like any pools of moisture, are susceptible places where bacteria can grow. Leaving your pet’s bowl unwashed for several days or weeks can contribute to bacteria growth, which may make your pet hesitant to approach that bowl or could even make them sick. That is why it is very important that you make it a habit to wash your pet’s water bowl on a daily basis. 


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